10 Best Chin Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin and Lose Chin Fat without Surgery

Best double chin exercises -

Best Chin Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin Naturally without Surgery

A double chin or 'turkey neck' signals extra fat and lax muscle tone. The risk of double chins increases with age as you lose skin elasticity and muscle tone, too. Double chin is a common cosmetic complaint among both women and men, and many are looking for ways to get rid of a double chin. By getting rid of double chin, you can greatly improve the way you look. A cosmetic surgeon can improve the appearance of a double chin by a procedure called liposuction. Double chin liposuction is the cosmetic process of removing excess fat from the area below the chin, neck, and jowls.

There are plenty of non-surgical methods to get rid of the excess fat and to help lose the double chin, such as double chin exercises. There are several chin exercises that you can follow if you wish to get rid of your double chin without surgery. Double chin exercises are a completely natural option for lifting and toning your chin and jaw area. Remove your double chin or lose your chin fat and look younger naturally by performing regular chin and neck exercises. The platysma neck muscle supports the skin under the chin. You can strengthen these muscles with facial exercises that help in removing fatty deposit underneath the chin, and give you a natural chin lift. Lose a double chin without surgery by losing weight and performing natural exercises for double chin.

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10 Best Double Chin Exercises to Lose Chin Fat and Double Chin without Surgery

Having double chins is very common among both women and men. A double chin, a second chin, a chin twin, turkey neck, or a turkey wattle, due to loose skin or excess fat under the chin and jaw can add years to your appearance. There is a number of effective neck and chin lifting exercises that could help you get rid of double chin and flaccid neck. Performing these exercises for chin firming and tightening can literally take years off of your appearance. The following are some of the best double chin exercises that can help you tone the muscles of your face and jaw, firm skin along the jaw line and get rid of excess fat to remove your double chin without surgery.

Double Chin Exercise#1
This natural chin lift exercise will help you get rid of a double chin and sagging neck skin. Sitting with the shoulders back, lift the chin and place the tongue flat onto the roof of the mouth. Press the tongue up and hold to the count of ten. This creates a contraction in the muscle, which causes the muscle to begin to shorten. Lose your double chin with this simple chin lift exercise.

Double Chin Exercises#2
A very easy chin exercise is to stand erect with your feet about shoulder-width apart and tilt your head back and look up to the ceiling. Pucker your lips tightly as if you are going to kiss and extend your lips to try to kiss the ceiling. Keep puckered for a count of 10, relax and repeat 10 times. Try to consciously relax the other muscles of your face when performing this chin exercise. This natural chin lift exercise can prevent double chins, reduce loose skin in the neck and throat area.

Double Chin Exercise#3
The neck firming exercise called chin twist, which targeting the platysma muscle, also helps tone and slim down your second chin naturally without surgery. Let it tighten and firm two chins into one. Do this simple exercise daily. Bend your head back and clench your teeth and keep your mouth shut. Contract your neck muscles. Raise your head, chin down, to an upright position. Bend your head back again. Turn your head to the right four times and then to the left four times. Do four repetitions.

Double Chin Exercise#4
Use chewing gum to get rid of your double chin quickly. Just chew a chewing gum everyday help to exercise and tone the muscles responsible for defining the jaw area. The muscles that will hold in a double chin are the same muscles that are used when chewing. Chewing sugar-free gum will also allow you to exercise your jaw without worrying about extra calories that could add to your turkey neck.

Double Chin Exercise#5
This is one of the best chin exercises that helps build the muscles in your chin to lose chin fat and to remove double chin without surgery. Stand or sit in a relaxed position. Open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Hold your tongue out and count to 10. Relax and repeat, building up to 10 times. You will feel your chin and neck muscles tighten.

Double Chin Exercises#6
The platysma muscle is found at the front of the neck, under the chin that connects your jawline and your shoulder. A double chin occurs when the platysma muscle becomes slack and loses mass. The most suggested exercises for getting rid of a double chin focus on the platysma muscle. Performing facial exercises that tighten and tone this muscle help lose double chin. Follow these steps to work the platysma. Sit straight and upright, open your mouth as wide as your can and pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. Try to move your lower jaw straight up and down. As the facial muscles get stronger and more toned-up, the skin becomes revitalized.

Double Chin Exercise#7
One of the best neck exercises that you can do daily just before you sleep to help get rid of double chin is to work on the muscle at the bottom of your neck. First, lie on your side with your head on your pillow. Second, tilt your head backwards at an angle that will not strain the muscles on your neck. This chin exercise is best for making your chin firmer and more toned, which will eventually make that chin fat and double chin disappear.

Double Chin Exercise#8
To get rid of a double chin, try this form of isometrics- Press your forehead against the palm of your hand while resisting with your head and neck. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds. When performing this exercise properly, you’ll feel the muscles and skin on the underside of the jaw tighten. Repeat the movement with your hand on the back of your head, then on each side, with your hand cupped over your ear.

Double Chin Exercises#9
Chin slap is one of the best exercises for reducing a double chin. With the back of your hand, gently and slowly slap underneath your chin. When slapping, start gently and build up speed gradually. Do this for a couple of minutes each time, two or three times a day.

Double Chin Exercise#10
Another best facial exercise for the double chin removal is to slowly lift your chin, keep your eyes to the ceiling and look to the right in that position, (turning your head to the right). Now slide your bottom jaw forward. Do this 3 times on one side, then turn your face to the left and repeat the exercise. If you stick with this facial exercise, your chin will feel great and your face will start to look more youthful.

These double chin exercises that give movements to the neck, jaw, and head are good exercises to lose chin fat and to remove your double chin naturally. There are lots of other double chin exercises that you can do to get rid of double chin without surgery. These chin exercises to lose chin fat and saggy chin won't take up much time and you can do them at any spare moment. However, it is important that you do these chin firming exercises for double chin regularly, every day, to get rid of your double chin fast.

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