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Beautiful 31 Illustration Excel Chart Marker Value
  excel chart data series data points and data labels data marker a column dot pie slice or other symbol in the chart that represents a data value for example in a line graph each point on the line is a data marker representing a single data value change data markers in a line scatter or radar chart for more information about how to create these types of charts see available chart types in office and create a chart from start to finish in a line scatter or radar chart do one of the following excel vba changing scatter chart markers color based on im trying to change the markers colour in a scatter chart based on a value that is different from x or y the value is in the same row as the x and y for the marker change chart color based on value in excel extendoffice change chart color based on value in excel sometimes when you insert a chart you may want to show different value ranges as different colors in the chart for example when series value y value in coloring the points of an excel chart based on another cell graph this range using a line chart with point markers you will end up with various points along the x axis with different colors and shapes according to the distribution in your table now you sh creating in cell charts with markers for average or adding average or target markers to the chart adding a marker like average or target or last year value can enhance your charts greatly and provide more context lets understand how to add marker s highlighting data points in excel scatter and line charts excel charting basically has 2 styles of charts with these being y value vs x value charts and y value vs x label charts examples of the x value charts are scatter and bubble charts examples of the how to add markers to all series in an excel line chart in the solution to that is using the select chart type button to pick a sub style that shows markers on the icon chart types can be changed after the chart is created the comments indicate that this use custom markers to create a more compelling excel chart the following excel chart is informative in a boring sort of way so lets add a bit of visual interest by customizing the markers for a series first lets use clip art for a marker as follows  Beautiful 31 Illustration Excel Chart Marker Value

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