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New 32 Design Excel Chart Change Y Axis Label
  change axis labels in a chart office support your chart uses text from its source data for these axis labels dont confuse the horizontal axis labels qtr 1 qtr 2 qtr 3 and qtr 4 as shown below with the legend labels below them how to label axes in excel 6 steps with pictures wikihow select the axis title text type in a new label for the axis and then click the graph this will save your title you can repeat this process for the other axis title change the display of chart axes office support note changes that you make on the worksheet are automatically updated in the chart change the label text in the chart in the chart click the horizontal axis or do the following to select the axis custom y axis labels in excel policy viz i was at a conference earlier this fall and someone asked me whether its possible to create an excel chart where only the first top y axis label has a percentage sign format while the other how to change the intervals on an x axis in excel chron com the x axis which is the horizontal axis on most excel charts does not use numeric intervals like the vertical y axis does the x axis contains either strings of text or a date under each set of how to rotate axis labels in chart in excel extendoffice go to the chart and right click its axis labels you will rotate and select the format axis from the context menu 2 in the format axis pane in the right click the size properties button click th excel chart vertical axis text labels • my online training hub written instructions step 1 line chart create your line chart note how the vertical axis has 0 to 5 this is because ive used these values to map to the text axis labels as you can see in the exce excel vba code to label x and y axis in excel chart hello devlopers i am trying to label x and y axis in my chart whenever user clicks on button new chart is created so i dont know the chart name is there any way to label both axis without knowing how to move y axis to left right middle in excel chart double click at the x axis horizontal axis to display the format axis pane see screenshot if you are in excel 2010 or 2007 it will open the format axis dialog then if you want to move the y axis  New 32 Design Excel Chart Change Y Axis Label

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