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Unique 32 Sample Excel Chart Not Showing All Legend
  stack column chart not all legend data is showing having issues showing all the data in the stack column chart when using the legend feature heres the view with no legend its a count of deals by week missing legend labels excel 2007 excel help forum hi i have a chart set up with four data sets that should each have a legend entry only one of the legend labels is showing and i cannot figure out how to get the other three labels back legends in excel charts formats size shape and excel charts have legends by default and these legends have a great deal of flexibility as well as some frustrating constraints the best legend is actually no legend at all a legend by its very n charts when legend doesnt contain all data windows excel 2007 sp2 chart based on table table header contains the legend titles for 5 series displayed on the chart there are only 4 series included in the legend legend label order and chart data series order do not the excel 2010 order of chart labels in our legend does not match the order of the series in the chart data dialog box the entries in the chart legend are different than the series order in the l legend entry tricks in excel charts peltier tech blog can anyone suggest is it possible in excel chart i want show the data range in chart area where as my legends are outside the chart e g i have 5 rows abcde with data against these solved why are some data labels not showing microsoft after that please check if all data labels show if it is your visualization will work fine if it is your visualization will work fine if you have other problem please let me know excel chart does not show all data series super user im trying to set up an excel chart ive tried to enter 6 data series i have followed the steps correctly but on the graph it only shows 5 lines on the right hand side listing of series it shows excel chart not showing some x axis labels super user i have a chart that refreshes after a dataload and it seems like when there are more than 25 labels on the x axis the 26th and on do not show though all preceding values do also the datapoints fo some category labels are missing or are too small to read the font size is too large for excel to display all the labels correctly on the category axis of your excel chart workaround to work around this issue change the major unit and change the font size  Unique 32 Sample Excel Chart Not Showing All Legend

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