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Lovely 32 Design Excel Charts Keep Disappearing
  why do my graphs disappear excel tips solutions since re why do my graphs disappear right click on the chart choose select data click the hidden and empty cells button at the bottom left and check show data in hidden rows and columns charts disappeared from worksheet excel help forum hi i have a workbook with several sheets all of the charts disappeared from two of the sheets there are still comments on the sheets i checked find replace selection pane and it doesnt list a disappearing chart axis solved excel help forum re disappearing chart axis if you have excel 2000 or later double click on the axis and on the scale tab type a 1 next to number of categories between tick mark labels tool bar keeps disappearing excelbanter tool bar keeps disappearing this may be relevant to others but to be exact i am using excel for mac 2011 the top ribbon kept vanishing for no obvious reason and the spreadsheet would be welded to t prevent microsoft office add ins from disappearing from hence leaving a ton of users scratching their heads as to why add ins keep disappearing from their ribbon if you have recently downloaded an add in file from this site or any other you will want to excel why do the charting ribbon tabs keep disappearing excel occasionally new tabs will appear on the right side of the ribbon these tabs appear when the current selection includes smartart graphics charts drawings pictures pivot tables pivot chart charts disappearing excelbanter i have a worksheet that contains multiple sheets there are 2 charts each on their own sheet and pulling data from 2 addtional sheets within the same ibp excel charts disappearing sap qa they all have charts when we click to one of the planning views the chart has disappeared sometimes we get an error that says sap ibp chart xlam missing or not activated it then gives a path to excel 2007 problem charts disappear software i have checked that excel is set to show all objects ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling system restore but none have worked however this feature was working a few days ago however this  Lovely 32 Design Excel Charts Keep Disappearing

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